City of the Hills

Together we can enhance the quality of life in our hometown

Building Community One Event at a Time

Connect with our local nonprofit organization in Oneonta, NY for local community events and community holiday parties in Otsego County

At Destination Oneonta, we believe in celebrating and taking pride in our local community as much as possible. Because of this, we're dedicated to using community event planning to bring people together and support local small businesses in Oneonta, NY and Otsego County.

Learn more about: 

  • Local community events
  • Community holiday events
  • Community holiday parties
  • Community harvest festivals
  • Reach out to our friendly board today to learn more about our nonprofit organization. Be sure to check out our directory of great local businesses, activities and events.

    Our goals at Destination Oneonta

    At our local nonprofit organization, we connect people and local businesses with a variety of events and sponsorships. Our goals are to...

    Enhance the quality of life in our hometown

    Plan events to promote community engagement

    Strategically support small businesses

    Get in touch with us now to learn about how you can get involved with our community event planning.

    Community Partners